Cask is one of the real joys of Pimlico. Tucked a few minutes stumble from the Tube it serves a staggering array of beer. Literally hundreds of different types are available in every strength and flavour imaginable. It’s a real celebration of malt, water, yeast and hops.

I’ve eaten here several times before, and always enjoyed the experience – pub classics with a barbecue twist. Recently however, their kitchen has been taken over by ‘Forty Burger’. As the name suggests, they do burgers made with well aged beef. On this visit we sampled their standard ‘Bacon and Cheese’ alongside the ‘Heat’ which marries blue cheese and buffalo wing sauce.

The burgers are well above average – the bun holds up magnificently, putting the fragile brioche ones found in many other upmarket burgers to shame. The patties are generously sized and are nicely beefy – but I didn’t get much ‘aged’ flavour and they were slightly overcooked for my taste, they really should be medium-rare.


The fillings were excellent – the bacon is good quality and the cheese tangy without being overpowering. I adored the Heat burger – the buffalo sauce is perfectly pitched even if the blue cheese gets a little lost. The chips were well cooked and nicely crisp – they earn lots of extra points for coming with a whole bucket of ‘Stokes’ condiments – I could eat their BBQ sauce all day.

If you find yourself in this part of town and are in need of a buzzing atmosphere, great beer and solid burgers – this is the place to go. The beer is definitely the star of the show – but the food will put a smile on your face as well.

Cask Pub and Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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