Meza, Tooting

Lebanese food is seemingly everywhere these days – no street food market is complete without a falafel stall and hummus has become a middle class staple. But despite this – I can’t remember the last time I had a phenomenal lebanese meal – at least until I visited Meza.

From the outside it doesn’t look that special – but the number of people who were turned away during our visit is testimony to their popularity. It’s a simple restaurant – a handful of tables and a bar overlooking the open kitchen. Booking is by a mobile phone, they don’t take cards and the menu is wonderfully short – a handful of hot and cold meze and a few mains.


The hummus and moutabal were excellent and the lebanese wine we ordered deserves a special mention. At £17 a bottle it was very impressive – rich, gamey with lovely peppery notes.



We ordered most of the menu – which was definitely the right decision. The lamb sausages were richly spiced and wonderfully juicy, minced lamb parcels were moist and crisp and their cheesey/minty brothers even more so.



Spiced potatoes were lovely and crisp and some chicken livers were utterly spectacular – creamy, rich and with a wonderful peppery note. The mixed grill was just that – generous chunks of meat, beautifully seared and very tender.




The whole meal was very impressive – the food was cooked with a care and precision you don’t often see in middle eastern food. Spices were well balanced and varied and the meat beautifully moist. The staff were very friendly and the bill scandalously low. If you can manage to bag a table – I can’t think of a better cheap night out, just make sure you head to Little Bar afterwards for a few cocktails.

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