Weekend Update

I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few days and there hasn’t been much time for cooking, but I’ve collected a few bits and bobs:

Black Forest cupcakes
Take a rich chocolate cupcake, fill it with kirsch-soaked cherries and top it with a light, kirsch flavoured icing and you have a delicious combination.


I’ve been experimenting with lots of ways of cooking steak, this was a slow sous vide followed by a red hot skillet and blowtorch combo. I was very fast but even the brief stint in the pan pushed it slightly over – 54°C is a bit too medium for my liking! Once again the Ginger Pig provided some stonking steak – the fat is completely different to supermarket steak and it has a wonderful gamey tang.


Brewdog – Dogma
I’m a huge fan of Brewdog, I love their beers (‘5am Saint’ is possibly my favourite, so I jumped at the chance to try one I’ve not seen before. ‘Dogma’ is a rich heather honey beer and you can definitely taste a gentle floral sweetness alongside a huge malty hit. Yum.


Cherry Pie
A colleague at work made this and it brightened up my day. Stunning cherry pie with a lovely lattice crust and a generous amount of filling. Top marks.


I went to BBar in Victoria with a friend before a theatre trip earlier in the week. If you need a quick bite its a decent shout – service was prompt and the wine list extensive!




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