Ed’s Easy Diner

I like fine dining. The wine lists the size of telephone directories, six kinds of mineral water and waiters as attentive as a well trained Labrador. But I also have a big soft spot for milkshakes. In my quest for the best milkshakes in London, two friends independently recommended the same place, so off I went!


Ed’s Easy Diner, or Ed’s, is a chain with several outlets in London and elsewhere. It’s trying to recreate the kind of diner that was endemic to America in the fifties and sixties. They serve a range of burgers, hot dogs and American bites, but they’re most famous for their milkshakes. Served in a traditional metal pot, they’re thick, sweet and very good.


In terms of texture, they’re not quite up there with Shake shack or In’n’out, but they’re not half bad. It’s so long since I went to MEATMarket, I can’t remember how they compare, so I’ll just have to go again. *sigh*


I’m a big fan of the Atomic American Fries. More chunky than you’d expect, they come with a selection of dips including: cheese, spicy jelly, guacamole, sour cream and chili. Yum.


They have a decent selection of burgers, I went for the Smokey Joe. A cheeseburger with onions and barbecue sauce duly arrived. It’s good, but I think MEATMarket might have it beat.


On the whole, it’s a pretty good place for a quick bite. Service is fast and if you find yourself in London near an outlet it’s well worth a visit!

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