Light Lunch

I’ve got a fantastic new cookbook in for review, Monica’s Kitchen, I’ll post a proper article up soon but I couldn’t wait to try out a couple of the recipes.

Parsley and Artichoke Soup


This isn’t just a visual trick, it really tastes great. The paler soup is artichoke, the darker parsley. In the middle is a pile of crispy fried squid, topped with artichoke crisps. Yum.

Mango and Langoustine Salad
I’ve been looking for a light, vegetarian friendly starter for a while. I really like the colours and presentation. It tastes amazing, fruity, fresh and a nice citrus hit.


Pear Tarte Tatin with Vanilla and Cinnamon Ice Cream
I picked up the ice cream maker attachment for my Kenwood, this Heston ice cream uses industrial quantities of vanilla pods, but creates a surprisingly delicate result. The cinnamon blends really nicely.


The pear tart tasted great, but I think it needed a little bit longer on the hob before it went into the oven to properly caramelise.


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