Burger and Lobster

I’ll admit – I’m a bit late on this one. Burger and Lobster was huge last year and the queues became legendary. It’s a testament to the popularity of their concept and the standard of their food that even a year later it can still take two hours to get a table. Relatively early on a weekday night we were seated in around an hour – far more reasonable!


For those who aren’t familiar – Burger and Lobster serves just that. For £20 you get a Lobster (steamed, grilled or in a roll) or a Burger (top quality beef in a brioche bun). You can also splash out on some truly enormous lobsters (7lb 8oz anyone!?)

The atmosphere is informal and relaxed – the music is a little loud, but the waiters are friendly and the service prompt. With any restaurant that limits itself to just a handful of ingredients it needs to be perfect. I didn’t have a chance to sample the burger – that will have to wait for another trip – but I can certainly speak to the lobster. I ordered mine grilled with garlic and lemon butter and it was excellent. Cooked quickly (to avoid the dreaded cotton wool texture) it had a couple of nice char marks. The chips were light and crisp and the side salad – so often an afterthought – was surprisingly good.


I’ve already written about one of my favourite ‘lobster shack’ places – The Big Easy – so how does it compare? In my mind the Big Easy has a better atmosphere and a much broader menu (great if someone’s not wild about seafood, but frankly, why would you be eating with them then!?) but the lobster is definitely not as good.

I really enjoyed my visit and I’ll certainly be going back – I’d love to try one of their monster sharing lobsters and I really need to investigate their burger. To pick just two items for your menu is incredibly brave but they make it work and in doing so have spawned an entire fad on the London restaurant seen for which they should be applauded. Anything which focuses on great ingredients and perfect cooking is fine in my book.

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