Patty and Bun

As much as I enjoy cutting edge gastronomy – there’s still an undeniable, primeval appeal to a good burger. While my heart still firmly belongs across the pond – the London burger scene is going from strength to strength.


One of the most popular places at present is Patty and Bun. A stones throw from Bond Street station and the madness of Oxford Street they’ve carved out a niche serving burgers the way they should be – top ingredients, carefully cooked.


I ordered their basic bacon cheeseburger, a ‘Smokey Robinson’ with a side of rosemary salt fries. The burger itself is a thing of beauty, a toasted brioche bun encasing a thick patty, oozing with onions and cheese. The beef is beautifully cooked, crispy on the outside and incredibly moist on the inside – its a real challenge to eat neatly. The bun holds up well without the structural deficiencies so often found with brioche. The chips are nice, rustic and with a gentle rosemary tang.



It’s a great burger experience – if you’re in need of a quick lunch it’s in an entirely different league from your usual fast food joint. Now I just need to find time to sample the rest of their menu…

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