Brasserie Zedel

There’s an undeniable charm to a quiet French bistro – the classic dishes, the smartly dressed staff, dining as an occasion. The eurostar has made a weekend in Paris very easy but for those who can’t quite face the trip there are some great new options popping up across London. There are already a whole plethora of chains – cafe rouge, cote brasserie, brasserie blanc to name but three. They are all perfectly pleasent places to eat but if you fancy something a little more unique then this latest breed of French restaurant might be right up your street. One of the most established is Brasserie Zedel.

Tucked around the corner from Piccadilly and Leicester Square – this is catering on a grand scale. The gorgeous dining room is a masterpiece of art deco design – it’s worth a visit just to enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings. The menu is exactly what you’d expect from a Parisian restaurant – it’s largely in French (English version available) and covers plenty of classics. It’s also very affordable – the set menu is fantastic value.


To start I had the frogs legs – these were very plump and nicely cooked, but the garlic sauce was a bit timid. With a meat as delicate as frog it really needs all the help it can get!


For my main I ordered one of their specialities: Choucroute Alsacienne. Three kinds of pork, served on top of a bed of warm pickled cabbage, with a side of fries. The pork was nice and the cabbage above average, but the seasoning was very conservative – they’re not trying to push any boundaries with the cooking.


Dessert was an easy choice – Gateau Opera. A lovely layered French pastry with a delicate coffee hit. Very nice.


Overall the service was good considering how busy they were, and the cooking was all to a good standard. If you’re interested in sampling classical french cuisine – this will get you very very close. It’s great fun and, given it’s price point, far better than the alternatives. Bon appetit!

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2 thoughts on “Brasserie Zedel

    • It depends what you’re after – its markedly better (and more fun) than the chain alternatives and it is very cheap. Plus you can get a table without booking quite easily!

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