Breakfast – Honest Burger, Clapham Common

While British cuisine may have its fair share of shameful chapters we can always be proud of our approach to breakfast. While the French may have great pastries and the Americans essentially invented the modern brunch there are times when only a Full English will do. The Empire was built not on tea or roast dinners, but a heaving plate of fried pig.

Honest Burgers have been waving the flag for quality British burgers for a couple of years and have recently added several new outlets in London. Part of this expansion is the offering of a proper breakfast menu in select locations – starting with Clapham.

It’s not complicated – take great quality ingredients from the heroes at The Ginger Pig and cook them well, serve with fresh orange juice, bottomless coffee and a smile.


The sausage is great, the bacon thick and the black pudding a league above your average greasy spoon. Their house baked beans – doctored with Chipotle, cola and bacon are an “optional extra” but they’re absolutely not optional. Thick, savoury and utterly wonderful with just enough spice for the morning.

The staff are bright and cheery, the atmosphere is chilled and the coffee is great. If there’s a better reason to get out of bed on a cold wintery morning – I’ve not found it.



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