American Adventure – Update 6

After a final trip to In-n-out burger, it was time to fly down to LA. Gorgeous weather greeted us and we set off on road trip down the pacific highway to Manhattan, then Newport beach.

Brunch was at a little Italian cafe in Manhattan, overlooking the ocean. Very nice French toast with fruit and decent coffee (a rarity in the US!) Lunch was spectacular though, a Lonely Planet ‘Top Pick’, the Oceanside Grill in Newport Beach resembles a private yacht club, overlooking the marina. A tasting of oysters identified our favourites (Baja) and six more were duly brought out, including two of the largest I’ve ever seen, palm sized monsters almost three inches across.

The main was a superb swordfish, very fresh and stunningly cooked on a charcoal grill giving it beautiful caramelisation, I’ve not had one nearly as nice before. Highly recommended.


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