Steak, Swordfish and Cinnamon

It was a pretty quiet weekend from a food point of view, too much sport to watch!

Carpetbag Steak
My sister often claims this is her favourite dish, so as a special treat I rustled it up. I’ve never seen it on a menu anywhere, and only learnt of it from a South African boss at a previous job. The origin of the dish is a bit murky, some people claim its Australian, others South African, but either way it’s delicious. Steak and Oysters are a classic British combination, certainly during the Georgian period, so it seems only logical to grab a nice thick steak, hollow out a pocket and fill it with oysters before sealing it back up with a cocktail stick. As the steak cooks, the rich, creamy seafood flavour permeates the steak. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


Cinnamon Loaf

I’ve got a bit of a thing for cinnamon buns, Chelsea buns, basically anything in the baked cinnamon genre. Fitzbillies in Cambridge sets the bar for sticky cinnamon goodness, but occasionally you need something that doesn’t need a secret recipe and several rises. This recipe, from the lovely people at Outsider Tart, provides the same hit in a little under an hour.


The result is a lovely cakey slice that is just begging for a nice strong coffee and a lazy afternoon.

Swordfish, Monkfish, Tuna
When your fishmonger runs out of enough swordfish to feed two people what do you do? Buy his sole remaining piece (pun intended) as well as some great tuna and a lovely monkfish tail. Normally attempting three fish would be suicide, trying to get them to fry evenly without overlooking is just impossible. With sous vide it’s very easy, dump them all in the water bath, give them 30 seconds to colour in a hot pan and enjoy the results! I’ve never tried a medley like this before and it’s very effective, it accentuates the differences between each fish and gives them a real chance to shine – try it sometime!



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