Bone Daddies – Ramen Round-up

Having visited Tonkotsu, Shoryu and even made my own, I finally managed to get to Bone Daddies. By far the least Asian of the ramen triumvirate, Bone Daddies is a hipster favourite. They play rock music, have funky menus and cocktails.


They offer a range of ramen, including the ever popular pork based tonkotsu and you can customise it with a dizzying array of toppings. I couldn’t turn down cock scratchings – who can?!


The broth was great, rich and decidedly thicker than the other two, without the fattiness of Tonkotsu’s. The noodles were average and to my mind slightly overcooked, the pork wasn’t great either – much chewier than the others. The egg, however, was sublime. Creamy yolk and nicely marinaded white. I also really liked the scratchings – they added some great texture.



So the conclusion if you’re in need of a ramen fix in London, where should you go? The answer isn’t simple – it depends what you want:

Noodles – 1. Shoryu, 2. Tonkotsu, 3. Bone Daddies

Stock – 1. Shoryu, 2. Bone Daddies, 3. Tonkotsu

Pork – 1. Tonkotsu, 2. Shoryu, 3. Bone Daddies

Extras – 1. Bone Daddies, 2. Shoryu, 3. Tonkotsu

Variety – 1. Shoryu, 2. Bone Daddies, 3. Tonkotsu

Authenticity – 1. Tonkotsu, 2. Shoryu, 3. Bone Daddies

In my mind Shoryu is probably the winner, with Tonkotsu and Bone Daddies a close second –¬†depending on what’s important. Either way there’s three great restaurants to try. Get out there and slurp!





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2 thoughts on “Bone Daddies – Ramen Round-up

  1. Meh. You can’t drink the BD stock. That’s a serious fail! There’s not enough and it’s too much like gravy. Will give you that Shoryu probably wins for most people but Tonkotsu have their broth just right. I could sleep in that broth.

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